The Hiatus Is Over

                  But before too long the hard cold reality of our situation set in; we probably had a household income of around $70K, but in San Francisco you are considered to be in a low income bracket if your take is under $115,000. How insane is that?! Our financial struggles quickly took a hold of everything, and one temporary casualty of my existence there was that I flat out had to put my art aside for awhile . . . roughly 3 years. It was a painful thing to have to do, but I had to go out and find work where the money was guaranteed, which is not how artists ever get their income. I was working full time doing an unsatisfying job to survive, and so the photo gear entered a long hibernation.

                  San Francisco, in it's current incarnation, is such a strange place. Many of the things you'd commonly associate with this city - the natural beauty, the unique architecture, the great food - all still exist, but the overwhelming vibe of the current city is an over-priced, technology-obsessed dystopian nightmare where high-paid tech workers buzz to work on their hover boards on Folsom Street narrowly dodging any of the nearly 10,000 homeless people splayed on the sidewalk.

                It's a city of huge amounts of excess, and huge amounts of desperate poverty, and a middle class that is being squeezed out of not only the city, but the greater Bay Area as well. Teachers, mechanics, janitors, nurses, and artists are a few professions who simply cannot afford to be there any longer. Which is sad, for many reasons, but maybe saddest for the region when, one day soon, all that will be left is the Tech Industry. Which is not to knock Tech workers per se; it's just that no city can function with only one type of employee. It doesn't work that way.

                 One thing my Grandmother always used to tell me was, "This too shall pass."  She was never wrong about this fact, and one day a couple weeks ago I woke up in my new home, in the tiny mountain town of Tehachapi in Southern California, with the struggles of living somewhere that's unkind to most people far behind me. I'm excited about the beauty and solitude around me, which I think will lend itself towards great photography. Those years are just a dissipating bad dream, and good things lie ahead . . .